Monday, December 30, 2013

Electronic Locks; Never Need Keys Again.

If you are like me keeping track of my house keys is almost next to impossible, so many nights I arrive home after a long day of work only to realize I do not have my keys with me.
 Did I leave them at the office?
 Are the still in my car, or even worse did I never bring them with me in the first place and they are still sitting safely inside my home.
 Since I have been down this road quite a few times before I have strategically placed spare keys with my neighbors, in my mailbox and yes even under my welcome mat. All of these are big no no's when it comes to home security but I was sick and tried of going into my van to pick open my own lock.

It was not until a few months ago that I made the best decision ever and upgraded my locks to electronic locks. These gifts to forgetful people like myself make life so much easier. Now when I arrive home and can not find my keys I no longer need to worry, I simply input my code into the door and voila open says me!

The possiblitlies of electronic locks are endless, maybe you want to input a code like I do into a lock like this.

A simple pin number that YOU WILL NOT FORGET is all you need and you will never be locked out again. This type of lock also makes it much easier to give access to your home to your in-laws, neighbors or house sitter. No more making copies of keys you can give each person their own pin code or share the one you created. 

Or you can even take it one step further and use your fingerprint to gain access into your home. with a biometric lock like this.
With this type of lock you can also give access to whom you want but you will need to add in their fingerprint into the database where as with the lock above you can create the code and tell it to them no need to have everyone over your house at the same time. 

If that is not high tech enough for you, there is one more step up which is the locks controlled by your smart phone. a simple push of a button on your phone and you can open up your entire home.
These types of locks just like the others above allow you to give access to other people as well and even keep track of when the come and go from the home. This lock is not just a lock for your door this system allows you to add your thermostat and even light system into the app so you can control the temperature and electric usage inside your home while sitting at work. A few cable providers offer this service in the area to learn more contact our customer service department to see if we can add this convenience to your life.


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